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6 ways Office 365 Benefits your business

Office 365
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6 ways Office 365 Benefits your business

Office 365 is ‘an integrated experience of apps and services’. The main aim of the service is to help businesses grow and for individuals to pursue their passion and achieve their goals. The success of a business is very closely linked to the productivity of its employees. A common dilemma many business owners face is how they can create a working environment whereby their employees can perform the most productively. With productivity becoming increasingly important, technology giants are constantly advancing their systems to help us keep up with the constant demand.

Multiple apps to meet your every need

Fortunately for us, Microsoft are one step ahead and know what we need before we do. They have created the highly popular soft wear known as Office 365. The entire programme includes many different apps, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. Each app serves an entirely different purpose, ranging from a standard document to make notes, to a spreadsheet to keep track of numbers, to even design tools and print material creation. This is crucial as allows you to work increasingly faster, as all the tools you may need are right in front of you. If you need to create a numerical table or even a presentation, Microsoft Office have you covered. Gone are the days where you spend hours messing about with formatting and structure, with Office, this is already done for you, and allows you to productively focus on solely delivering the important information. Every month a new update is released for each app, this includes all the latest features and security updates.

Familiar Programmes and Tools

Many of Microsoft Offices programmes have been around for decades, and the vast majority of people have some previous experience working on at least one of their apps. This is extremely important for a business’s productivity. When somebody new joins the business, they will have a much smoother transition if they are already knowledgeable about the platforms that you use. It will slow down productivity within the business if you have to teach and mentor an individual about how to use the apps and services. With Microsoft, this issue is almost ruled out entirely as you can be fairly confident that your new starters will have some idea of how to use Office 365.

OneDrive Hosting Service

This is certainly one of the key features Office 365 has to offer in terms of boosting your business’s productivity. Microsoft offers a service known as OneDrive, this is a cloud hosting service that gives you 24/7 access business emails and projects. This allows you to optimise your productivity and work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to a phone or laptop you can now communicate with anyone at any time.

Multiple devices

Once your account has been created all users can sync their license to up to five different devices. This includes Macs and PC, as well as any iOS, Android or Windows device. This allows your business to be fully mobile, as your employees can work from anywhere. If you find yourself waiting for a delayed flight, then you can pull out your phone and start on an upcoming presentation. By being able to access the apps on multiple devices, businesses and employees are given the freedom to work from where ever they are. If your employees find themselves with a spare 10 minutes, or some time traveling on their morning commute, they have all the resources they need to make a start before they have even reached the office.

Large range of business plans

Microsoft Office allows you to choose from a selection of plans, so you can choose the correct one for your business. Each plan varies depending on the size and needs of your business and the services you require from it. This in turns helps a business provide the exact tools its employees require to be able to perform their jobs efficiently.

Highly Secure Servers

Microsoft takes your data incredibly seriously, and rightly so. Not only do they encrypt all data, but they also store it on their physically secure service which is protected 24/7 by continuous threat management and security monitoring. Office 365 controls have been approved by the EU data privacy authorities, which allows businesses to feel 100% confident that their data is protected.

Microsoft Office understands the pressure on businesses today, which is why they deliver all the services and solutions you may need. By delivering you with the ability to access your work from anywhere at any time, they are providing you with freedom. By no means should this compromise your or your employees work life balance. However, what it does mean is

that you now how the choice and ability to choose what you do, where you do it from, and when you do it. Which ultimately can only increase a business’s productivity.