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Proactive IT Support

Our previous blog addressed the important decision of choosing the right IT support provider for your business. One of the key points we looked at was ensuring you choose a proactive service. Proactive IT support is when a service provider takes an active role in providing a business with a strategy whereby they monitor and anticipate any issues they may face. The provider will then immediately act on their findings, and fix any potential issues, instead of waiting for something to go wrong. This enables businesses to stay ahead of any IT problems. This is increasingly important, as it helps maintain many crucial factors such as a company’s productivity, reputation and also employee morale.

Businesses’ across the world rely heavily on their IT systems. Their server and systems must be monitored at all times, as a server crashing can be detrimental to the business. Below are some of the key benefits of choosing proactive IT support:

Proactive IT Support Cerberus Technology

Monitoring and Support

The first benefit is that proactive IT support provides you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring. We mentioned above how the IT managed service partner solves the issues before they become serious. This is done through constant automated monitoring, meaning that your provider can notify you when something goes wrong, so you are aware of the problem and can work around that, whilst they fix it for you. 

Informed decision making through Strategic Analysis

A proactive IT support provider will be able to deliver insights and statistics to you, that they have gained through automated tools. These insights will be based on your business’ IT infrastructure and are incredibly useful when you are looking to make the future decision. They will also carry out a complete strategic analysis. This will help identify any areas that are not at optimal performance, as well as any errors or broken software issues. They will then provide you with a large amount of feedback and ensure the data is delivered to you in a format that is easy to understand. Based on the results you will be able to make adjustments to your proactive strategy and fix crucial issues, allowing you to optimise productivity. As well as this, you can also make strategic adjustments to meet your business’ needs and future growth.

Set Costs and Budgeting

Proactive IT Support Cerberus Technology

Proactive IT support providers will charge your business a monthly fee. This covers the ongoing monitoring, updating and any maintenance that is required. Therefore, you will know the exact amount you are paying each month for this service, and there won’t be any unexpected charges. In comparison, reactive support may appear cheaper up front, however, you are often delivered a much weaker service and can be hit with costly unpredictable fees. 

Security and Disaster Recovery

By choosing reputable and proactive IT support you can be sure that your IT security is being well looked after. Your provider will be taking steps to ensure that all of your systems are secure and heavily protected against any possible cyber-attacks. Moreover, they will regularly run complete backups, whereby all of your data is copied across and kept securely, ensuring protection from cyber-attack or a natural disaster. Proactive IT support also includes a disaster recovery plan. This is created at the start of your partnership and provides a step by step guide for your business in the event of an emergency. This ensures that your business and all your data will be protected, and the business will be able to continue functioning.

Morale and Productivity

We have all experienced some form of IT disruption whilst at work, and are aware of how hugely disrupting it can be. When running a business, the last thing you want is for your staff to be unproductive. However, this is exactly what happens when an IT issue occurs. Normally an executive will need to authorise the use of reactive IT support and any costs, however with proactive support any staff member can raise the issue. The best thing a business owner can hope for is that the IT issue gets resolved quickly, and all employees can return to work. The likelihood of this can be drastically increased with a proactive IT provider, compared to a reactive provider. Furthermore, the best-case scenario would be that a problem is picked up on before it causes an issue for the business and its employees. This level of support is only available from proactive providers, and is hugely beneficial.