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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a setup Fee?
Absolutely not! We are all about customer service and customer success! We understand that when you are looking to choose a new or your first IT partner, investing money upfront when a relationship hasn’t been fully established is a risk.
What payment methods do you accept?
When you start your journey with us, we will look to setup a direct debit with you. We will send out a monthly invoice with a set in stone cost. No hidden fees or ‘gotchas’ with us. Payment will be taken 7 days after the invoice issue date.
Can you help me to migrate from my existing provider?
Yes of course, please pass as many details of your previous provider to allow us to contact them on your behalf, should we need to. In most cases this won’t be necessary. We will simply onboard you to our service and remove any software and access associated with your old provider.
With no contract, am I free to leave at any time?
Yes 100%! The pressure is on us to deliver an IT service that exceeds your expectation, if we’re not meeting the high standards you expect then you are free to leave. Why should you have to put up with shoddy service?
Do you also take on IT Project work?
Yes! Please get in touch with us. We can talk in depth through your requirements and target delivery date and will help you come up with a solution if you don't currently have one in mind. Then leave the project to us, we will deliver on time before requesting payment.
Do you supply computer hardware?
We are not resellers of hardware and software. Instead we are happy to advise you on what you require. We can then specify and procure it for you. Alternatively you can purchase it yourself.
How quickly can you onboard us?
We can get a new customer setup with us within 24 hours. Once paper work is all sorted we will send you a link to install our remote access software. This will allow us to complete our onboarding process.
How do I become a customer?
Get in touch with us via email, phone of head over to our pricing page and hit the "Get Started' within one of our support packages.